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Website Updating & Maintenance

We can update your website whether we designed it or not. Once we design a site, we are always available for any questions or help you may need. We realize that you may not wish to deal with all of the technical aspects of your web site and that is why we will continue to promote, maintain and update it as needed.

Maintaining your Position

Now that you have a great position on the search engines – how do you maintain it? Search engine placement maintenance is very important as the search engines modify their indexing criteria, pages get dropped from the search engines, and competitors redesign their sites to try to place above you.

Your Website is your business on the Internet and needs constant marketing to be noticed. As the search engines’ methods in rating Web sites changes, you need to adjust and implement promotion activities to keep your Web page placing as high as possible.

Our search engine analysts will help you refine, monitor and maintain your search engine positioning program on an ongoing basis. We stay current with search engine technology so that you can stay on top of the rankings.